As a production designer, I am constantly searching for new ways to help me create more immersive and visually stunning sets. One of the most exciting developments in recent years has been the rise of LED volumes and virtual production, powered by technologies like Unreal Engine. This cutting-edge approach to filmmaking offers a range of benefits that simply weren't possible before: this has the potential to revolutionise the way we create media content.

With an emphasis on improving creative control, LED volumes and virtual production offer a powerful set of tools to create worlds limited only by the imagination. The result is that I can now design and build sets that would be prohibitively expensive to access or time-consuming to construct in the real world, with the added bonus option of being able to previs and block out for the benefit of the production. Once in the studio, it then allows us to iterate designs and make changes on the fly, without the need for costly reshoots or time-consuming physical modifications. 

To help complement the realism of the digital space on the LED volume, I draw upon years of design and art direction experience to cover all the necessary construction and set elements on the studio floor. Bringing on board the right crew - and tapping into a wealth of art department expertise - further helps the blend and ensures jobs run smoothly and as expected.

So far, my journey has taken me to New York, Riyadh, Nairobi, Delhi, Shanghai amongst many others, from the everyday domestic setting to abstract alien worlds, all without getting on a plane. Pretty compelling. To reach out, please contact me on:


+44 (0)7855 530592